Petec 25 ml liquid metal

Two-component epoxy resin metal for repairing, filling, filling and bonding of cracks, holes, missing holes, blowholes.

- Excellent adhesion to all metals such as, for example (iron, steel, cast iron, aluminum, alloys and so on) as well as ceramics, concrete, wood and many plastics.

- High strength and excellent adhesion, also to other materials

- Fast curing

- Can be machined under tension, sanded and overpainted with many paint systems - Resistant to water, saltwater, 01 and many chemicals

Fields of application

For repairing iron, steel, cast iron, aluminum, alloys, ceramics, concrete, wood and many plastics. For filling, filling and bonding cracks, holes, missing holes, blowholes as well as repairing pipes, tanks, threads, bodywork and machine parts. Excellent for automotive, caravan, boat, industrial, craft, household, model making and hobby applications.

Directions for use

Sand surface if possible, clean thoroughly and degrease. Insert 50 ml double cartridge into squeeze gun. Remove cap, squeeze out required amount of adhesive and mix or attach mixing tube. (Avoid pauses of more than four minutes, as adhesive also cures in the mixing tube) and apply directly to the repair site. Join materials to be bonded within four minutes. After use, close double cartridge with cap. Note: Do not use mixing tube with liquid metal 25 ml double syringe!

Technical data

Base: epoxy resin

Mixing ratio: 1:1 (velumen)

Color: gray

Curing system: 2 components (resin and hardener)

Pot life/processing time: 4 minutes

Hand strength: 10 minutes

Curing/Final strength: 30 minutes

Tensile shear strength (depending on material): 25 N/mmn ²

Temperature resistance: -40 *C to +120 °C

Working temperature: +5 °C to +30 °C

Shelf life: 12 months, store in a cool and dry place

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Petec 25 ml liquid metal

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